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IDS Eurodogshow Kortrijk 17/11/2018

Still walking on clouds :) We had a wonderfull show with super results!

Very gratefull to my team who helped me in anyway to achieve this...

Big thanks to Jozef en Benny for keeping everything (the dogs) under control lol

Sylvia and Tessa for the awesome grooming and help, me being on time as possible

in the ring ;)

Our Finn did a amazing job such a dream to show this boy, he is truly amazing in the ring

thanks Sara and Eugenie also with your work on him in Canada where he became Canadian Champion!

Mickey Finn Of Hickory Lake 1st Place Champion Class BOB and BIG3!!!!

Thanks to judge MR.Grenville Francis for apriciating my dogs so much.

We had a very strong Junior class with 8 entrees!

Malpaso's Rock The Casbah 1st Place Junior Class BOB Junior!

Thanks Mirjam Senger for this amazing boy and your trust!

Uran Srdcové Eso made his debute lol he was a super boy!

2nd Place Junior Class!! Thanks Linduse and Suzanna he is super!

Ophrys Du Duncallipsy 1st Place Puppy Class BOB Puppy!

Thanks Myriam Sebe for this fenomenal boy!

Apledore Aura Of Mystery 1st Place Puppy Class!

She is already a star in the showring lol Thanks Diana Mingalieva <3

Marbleshore Cleopatra 2nd Place Junior Class!

Northbay Ready To Rumble @ XSell 3th Place Junior Class!

Happy with my dogs and results!! But most with my dogs for being

so amazing and sweet!!

Mickey Finn Of Hickory Lake 1st Champion Class, BOB and BIG3! & Malpaso's Rock The Casbah BOB Junior Class!

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